Best Beverage Stock to Buy?! | Pepsi vs. Coca-Cola vs. Dr. Pepper | Dividend Stock Showdown 2021 отзыв о компании

Welcome back to our YouTube Channel. We are back with an INTENSE Dividend stock showdown between 3 companies in the beverage and soft drink sector. The 3 companies featured are ICONIC companies with major brand recognition.

Pepsi vs. Coca vs. Dr. Pepper. Three epic dividend growth stocks enter the ring. This video will discuss the metrics of each company and see if one of the 3 stocks are the best beverage stock to buy!

On the journey to financial freedom, investing with dividend stocks allows you to add to your passive income stream by means of dividend income. That is why we are always researching stocks in every sector. We want to buy stocks that will help us grow our passive income. That is what it is all about!

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Pepsi has the major soft drink and snack business, which sets it apart from its competitor. Pepsi brands include Pepsi, Gatorade, Sierra Mist, Aquafina, Moutain Dew, Brisk, Doritos, Quaker Oats, Frito Lays, and more. The company is on the verge of becoming a Dividend King and has increased its dividend for 49 years.

Coca-Cola is dominant in the beverage sector. Warren Buffet, aka The Goat, is a shareholder and is known to drink a coke or two every day. Coke brands inlude Coca-Cola, Sprite, Powerade, Vitamin Water, SmartWater, Ah-ha, Fanta, and others. Coke is a Dividend King and has the longest dividend increase streak of the group.

Kuerig-Dr. Pepper is a unique competitor. They are not only a major player in the beverage sector, they are a dominant player in the coffee sector. This truly sets them apart from their competitors. Keurig-Dr. Pepper brands include Green Mountain, Donut Shop, Krispy-Kreme coffee, Caribou, Dr. Pepper, 7up, Canada Dry, RC Cola, and others!

To compare the three companies, we will run them through the FAMOUS Dividend DIplomats Dividend Stock Screener. The three metrics are:
1.) Price to Earnings Ratio (P/E) less than the S&P 500
2.) Dividend Payout Ratio less than 60%; with the perfect payout ratio between 40% and 60%
3.) Dividend Growth Rate and Dividend Growth History
*Lastly — we offer the bonus metric — the dividend yield, to see if the yield is greater than the broader stock market.

The results of this beverage stock showdown were fascinating. You’ll have to watch the video to see which utility stock wins this latest dividend stock showdown! Let us know your thoughts about the three companies in the comments section below.

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As always, we recommend conducting your own research to make your own decisions.
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  1. The Home Handyman

    Considering all 3 I would perfer KO — they have a iron clad global distribution network and i do favor KO and have been adding for years to my position — PEP I do own a small amount but it is expensive — I hate the taste of RC (pond water). So with 1k I would buy a small amount on pull back with PEP and the rest i would invest in KO.

  2. Snapdragon Razor

    this is the video i need!

  3. Colby Craig

    Wow guys, tough choice! Great idea for a royal rumble! I own KO and PEP, but the metrics appear better for KDP, with the exception of the current yield and lack of history of increasing dividends. If forced to make a choice with a gun to my head, I'd buy KO today over the other two, but PEP and KDP have a really nice slate of products. The only thing that bugs me about KO and PEP is the payout ratios close to 70%, I don't see a lot big time dividend increases over the next few years.

  4. Ken Plummer

    Good video, although you missed or omitted that Coke owns Costa coffee a UK based company. Costa is number two behind Starbuucks and would not shock me if it is not bigger than Keurig in JAVA. Costa is the true European artesian coffee shop. Question, do they bring it to US?Also Caribou does have stores. They are all over the Twin cities upper Midwest states even in Kansas City

  5. Jack Black

    You guys are cracking me up today. Great video! Out of the three Pepsi's way overpriced. Coke is still too high and has room to drop. But definitely these should be on everybody's watch list. I was seriously considering Coke 2 weeks ago during the dip but there were other deals to be had

  6. Bret Guzik

    KO I believe is closer to fair value than PEP

  7. Bob C

    Was it pick on Bert day? Love A&W Root beer, just don’t see myself in the stock. I’m in Coke & Pepsi.

  8. Jim Nelligan

    Own them both, PEP the better performance for me, KO the better dividend. Good luck all.

  9. Hans Schotterradler

    Nice comparison.
    I wouldn't buy any of these at the current levels. I do own PEP, but sold a few shares recently after it popped. I think it's the slightly better company over KO as it as the advantage of being in the snack food business.

  10. The Dividend Retirement Channel

    Very few men know how to treat a donut, but he’s got it lmao

  11. ecfearfactory86

    Buy some coke hahaha

  12. rodfather

    125,,,,,,,,,,,,,you want stocks on sale<<<<<<T>>>>><<<<VZ>>>>> this whole sector is on sale>>>>im adding a few all the way down,,,,

  13. Clifford

    Brazil had a terrible coffee crop year, so coffee is more expensive everywhere. It was some terrible weather pattern that will take years to recover from.

  14. Explore Dream Discover

    A triple threat match! So exciting guys. I own KO and recently PEP. I had KDP on watch for a while but don’t understand their business enough to go in yet, thank you for going thru the brands I’ll have to give it another look. KO holder since 2010 and never disappointed.

  15. Vested Interest

    Of the three I have KO.

  16. Minimal Petite

    Hi Bert and Lenny, could you make a video of “stocks you would buy should the stock market crash” in the next 2 weeks? Thanks!

  17. Larry Campos

    I like KO. I own some. I think PEP is overpriced.

  18. Billy Johnson

    I own full boat of PEP, a smaller amount of KO and no Dr Pepper

  19. Aida Menzel

    Got KDP.

  20. Matthew Rodriguez

    You guys are awesome !!! Keep up the tutorials !!!

  21. TETrading

    Great match up! Icons.

  22. thePower

    I love both Coke and Pepsi, I have 25 shares of KO, and 10 shares of PEP. If I wasn't buying them weekly through ETF's I would definitely load up more on both! I personally like PEP the most, I can't get enough of those sun chips or an ice cold coke!

  23. Keith Garrett

    Which company has had more stock splits ko or pep ?

  24. jimmbboe

    I own PEP to help pay for my Pepsi slurpee addiction!! LOL

  25. The Money Loaf

    If I had to choose one right now, it'd be PEP for their diversification. But pretty sure the long term answer is both!

  26. Sandvig racing

    Here in north Dakota we still have caribou coffee shops. They are just as popular as Starbucks

  27. Kevin Lue

    Squirt for Bert!

  28. Roberto Alvarez

    Great video guys! I think KO needs a game changer move and imho buying UTZ could be that. What do you think? Regards from Argentina!